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“ We are not just a recruitment agency, we are People Partners managing anything and everything to do with talent”

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The Story of Talent 4 Tomorrow


Talent 4 Tomorrow is not your everyday agency. Talent 4 Tomorrow is created to help overcome the worrying trends in recruitment by providing an honest, consultative  and innovative approach to attracting and managing talent across your business.

Talent 4 Tomorrow focusses on placing Millennials in high growth start ups and medium sized enterprises. We do also work with big corporate organisations that are open to the challenge of changing conceptions towards Millennials.

Millennials have worrying connotations, people today think Millennials are lazy, lack care and lack passion. In-fact they are the opposite, Millennials are entrepreneurial, want to add value to organisations and demand meritocratic environments.

Millennials will take over the workforce by 2020, yet organisations tend to lack the understanding how to connect and manage them. Our mission is to build communication, create new ways of recruiting that will challenge and attract the best millennials to your organisation.

We will coach, assess and champion Millennial talent before they start with you, our vision is to improve the worrying trends and skills gap we have today.

We don’t just recruit, we work across the board to improve anything and everything to do with talent.

Sajan Shah


Sajan Shah is the founder of Talent 4 Tomorrow. Sajan is a passionate and engaging professional who has built his career around the world of talent management.

Sajan Shah left university and entered the world of recruitment where he was able see first hand the problems around recruitment, particularly early talent.

He quickly progressed into a Head of HR role, where he experienced demands of being a company hiring talent. This role highlighted the problems clients face on a daily basis to attract the best talent.

A committed and passionate practitioner in the management of people and creating competitive advantage for organisations to stay ahead via the management of the most valuable assets, people.